Tuesday, March 9, 2010

This is my first blog! I thought it might be a fun way to stay in touch with family and of course share my favorite recipes. The weather is absolutely gorgeous here today. The sun is shining and it is probably about 70 degrees. I can not wait until Spring!!!! I feel like we have been cooped up in the house for what seems like decades.

I have been cooking all morning. I make my menu and go grocery shopping on Monday nights and on Tuesday morning I prep the food for the recipes that I am going to make later in the week. I was thinking a few weeks ago how much I miss being a personal chef so I decided to do the same thing only for my own family! Novel idea huh? I don't know why I didn't think of that earlier. It is much less tempting when you are busy to eat out if you know that you have a quick healthy meal in the fridge at home. I thought it would be nice to share my recipes and menus with anyone else that might like to do the same thing. I like to try different recipes every week so there will always be something new. I am including my granola recipe that I made this morning. It was really good and so easy! I was wondering why I ever paid $4 for a small box of granola that Chris and Jordan would eat in one sitting. I try to tell them that the serving size is 1/2 cup not a 1/2 of a bag but that never seems to work. So as for our menu tonight we will be having:

Buffalo Chicken Salad
Gingersnap Banana Frozen Yogurt ( I am of course looking the most forward to this!!)

UPDATE: The buffalo chicken salad was pretty good. I don't think it was spicy enough though. It really just tasted like blue cheese salad with chicken.

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