Saturday, March 27, 2010

Our Saturday

We had a wonderful Saturday! Madison volunteered at the Life Span Therapeutic Horse Farm. She helped with the Easter egg hunt and took care of the donkey, pigs and goats. She is showing off her fancy new boots in the picture above. She had a great time and loved spending time with all of the animals, she had quite a few funny stories to tell about the donkey. Jordan went to a horse show that his friend Kaitlyn was riding in. I know Jordan at a horse show?? It surprised us too but he actually had fun. He did not ride any of the horses because there were not any big enough there for him (inside joke!!!) I guess I should explain; when Jordan was in preschool he had the chance to ride a horse with the rest of the class. When it came time for his turn he stood there with his hands on his hips and his cute little voice and said "that horse isn't big enough for me" It was a good way of getting out of having to touch the horse and risk getting dirty yet still look like the cool little man that he was. We still get a good laugh about that.
Chris and I got to go to Olive Garden while we were waiting for the kids to be done. We actually ate out two times in one week and it was Italian both times, imagine that!!! We finally got our tiramisu that they were out of on my birthday. It was not as good as the tiramisu that Chris makes but it was pretty stinking good. When we saw the picture of the dessert I think we both wanted to skip the meal and go straight to the good stuff. Oh, I almost forgot.... we had our first dinner party Friday since we moved here! We had Chris's friend Brandon and his wife over guessed it an "Italian Feast". Jordan had three friends come over and spend the night. It was really nice to have friends over. Madison made all of the appetizers ( I will post pics later) Chris made the pizza's and I made our famous chocolate cake for dessert. It was a lot of fun. I am looking forward to church tomorrow, it always seems like by Saturday I am in desperate need of hearing a good sermon from Pastor Steven.

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