Thursday, March 25, 2010

Birthday Blessings

I had such a wonderful birthday yesterday. I have been so blessed with such a wonderful and thoughtful family. Madison made me waffles stuffed with cream cheese and topped with fresh strawberries yum!!!! Chris told me to go my favorite store (Maurices) and pick out a dress to wear to dinner and he gave my a gift certificate to a little Italian restaurant in Davidson that we had been dying to try. It is located in the old ice house and is always very busy. While Chris was at work the kids and I went to Maurices and the Goodwill (my second favorite place!) Jordan and Madison got me the new Toby Mac cd and several food network dvds with my favorite stars. Chris and I had a wonderful dinner, it was actually the first time that Chris had eaten in 3 days because of his juice fast. I would imagine the dinner tasted even better to him than me :).

We were a little disappointed to find out that they did not have our favorite dessert, Tiramisu. The meal was really good and it is always fun to get dressed up!!! We got to enjoy Madison's delicious cake after we got home. Spencer not only remembered my birthday but sent me two text messages saying "Happy Birthday". My mom and dad sent me a subscription to Cuisine magazine. I am looking forward to my first issue!!! Thanks mom and dad, I wish you were here to taste test all of the recipes.

Thank you guys for making my day so special. I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful family. I love you all so much!!!!!!

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