Saturday, April 24, 2010

Jordan had his first track meet today. He did so great!!! He ran the 1500 and placed 2nd with a time of 4:33, he also ran the 800 and placed 2nd with a time of 2:13. It was so nice to see him run again. We were at the track meet from 9:00 to 6:15, that was a long day!!! We met some really nice people and are very glad to be part of such a wonderful group. Actually pictured next to Jordan is "Jordan Phillips". He is the other distance runner on the team and they are very close in speed. I think it will be great for both of them to have someone to run with. He has a sister that is Madison's age so she has someone to hang out with on these long track meet days that we have coming up!
Spencer is at the prom right now, wish we could have been there to see him. Hopefully he will send pictures and I will be able to post those soon.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Our Weekend (52 photos), by Chris Wallace

I just wanted to share our photos from this weekend!!!!
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Our Weekend

We had an wonderful weekend. Saturday we took the kids to Latta Plantation to fish and walk the trails. Spencer and Jordan did the fishing while Chris, Madison and I did a treasure hunt on one of the trails. It was a lot of fun and the best part was stopping for ice cream at Carolina Cones on the way back. They have a chocolate peanut butter ice cream that is to die for. I love the chocolate peanut butter ice cream from Baskin Robins but this is so much better.

We went to church on Sunday morning and listened to another great message by Pastor Steven. He was talking about "Spiritual Hearing Loss" , he used the fact that he is losing his hearing in one ear for comparison (and no it is not because of all the loud music at Elevation). It was really a great message though and we were really glad that Spencer could join us! We did have to meet his ride back to HHI right afterwards so that was kind of a bummer. We were really glad he got to come for a visit and are looking forward to the state qualifiers meet in a few weeks so that we can see him again.

Chris and I left for Asheville early Sunday afternoon for our marriage conference. We had such a great time! The hotel was a bit of a disappointment but the conference was worth it. We were expecting a really nice hotel, it was held at the Grove Park Inn and Spa. It is a historic inn and you could definitely tell! The bathroom was so small that you had to turn sideways to get to the sink and toilet. You could not get out of the shower without opening the bathroom door. The TV was so old that I am pretty sure it was original to the building lol...... They had an absolutely gorgeous indoor pool and waterfall but much to our dismay that was not included in the room. Oh you did get to use the pool and fitness center (the one that was located on the back 40 of the property) That is no joke! By the time you walked down the hill and then back up you would not even need the gym. They asked us when we checked out if we were happy with our stay and we told them that we were a little disappointed mostly with the size of the bathroom. The lady said that we could have told them and they would have moved us to a bigger room. We were thinking maybe when they see someone that is 6'4" checking in to one of the small rooms they should mention they were built for elves. I don't know, just a thought....................

We did get to see Kevin Leman and he signed our book. That was all worth it, he is such a great speaker. When we got out of our first session we had "homework". They told Chris that he needed to take me to a nice restaurant, open all doors for me and listen when I talked. I told them I am blessed because he already does all of those things! I am so grateful to have such a good man that takes such great care of me. After our conference was over we got to go tour the Biltmore Estate. We have been wanting to do that for several years and figured since we were there we may as well go. We had a great time there and hope to be able to go back again and stay at the Inn.

We also had great news from Elizabeth. She sent a text message on Sunday afternoon and said she would like to come and stay for the entire summer!!!! We are so excited, we have been praying for this for a very long time. Another great reminder that God is so great and he does answer prayers just in his time not ours. Please be praying for us, Elizabeth does have to try and talk her grandparents in to letting her come.
I think I am going to head to bed now, Chris and I did not sleep at all last night. The beds were like something out of motel 6 ( and this was supposed to be a 4 diamond hotel). I think I may feel better about it when I get a good nights sleep and the pain in my back goes away!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Our Friday

We just went to see a movie together. It was so nice to be together as a family again. The guys went to see Clash of the Titans while Madison and I went to see The Last Song. We went to our little movie theater in Davidson, it is so funny because they only have movie seats on the front row and the rest are office chairs with round tables in between. It is really nice though because it is only like 1/4 mile from our house. The Last Song was really good but incredibly sad. There was a lady behind us that was sobbing uncontrollably (like extremely loud). My sensitive daughter said when we left "geez it was just a movie what was she cying about?"

We went to the track at Davidson College after the movie was out and the boys ran. It was great to get to see them run together again. We are looking forward to the weekend. Tomorrow we are going fishing and Sunday after church Chris and I have our marriage retreat in Asheville. Sunday will be kind of bittersweet, we get to go to our conference that we have been looking forward to for so long but Spencer has to go back to Hilton Head. We are looking forward to seeing him at the state qualifiers meet in Columbia in a few weeks!!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Our Visit to the Citadel

We met Spencer at the Citadel in Charleston today. We got to tour the campus and talk to his future track coach. We were very impressed with all of it and we are so proud that Spencer has decided to go. Spencer came home with us and gets to stay until Saturday!!! We are so glad to have him here, we have missed him so much!!!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010


Spencer is going to give the Citadel a try!!!! We are meeting him in Charleston and going on a tour Wednesday. I will soon be posting pictures where I will be sporting a fashionable "Citadel Mom" tee shirt. WE ARE VERY PROUD OF YOU SPENCER!!!!!

More Garden Pictures

It does not look like Madden likes my mint garden. I think he would really like to use it as a sandbox

Purple Basil and Italian Parsley. We had it in our pasta tonight!!!

Our Growing Garden

Here are some updated photos of our garden. YES IT IS ACTUALLY GROWING!!!!!!!!

Jordan planted these beautiful flowers Saturday!
This is our newest member of the Wallace tomato family it is called the "Mortgage Lifter"

See the cute little baby tomatoes!!!!

Check out how much the Zucchini has grown. I can't wait to make grilled zucchini!!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thought I would share the picture from our new garden. I know it is not very big but it is a start! The plants are actually growing so I think that is a good sign. The basil has gotten so big that we used it on our pizza last night!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Elevation Easter Experience: Egg The City

Here is the actual footage from yesterday. It was a great message!!!

Elevation Easter Experience: Egg The City

I just wanted to share this video that Chris took with his phone from our Easter service. It is truly amazing to see 11,500 people in attendance. Madison and I volunteered in the family seating area. They gave us the bright yellow shirts that said "Family Expert" I thought if they spent a day with our family they would not be calling me an expert! It was kind of funny though because we had several people come up to us and ask what a "family expert" was. One guy actually said "does that mean you can give me counseling on my teenagers?" I said basically all I am qualified to do is show you to your seat and help you find the diaper changing area! I am definetely not expert!!! He laughed and said we all think we are experts on parenting until we actually have kids. So true!!!

Chris and Jordan volunteered to be ushers. They had a pretty funny story about a colored lady that stole Jordans offering buckets. They did not have anything in them but they were at the end of the aisle before the service. I guess when the lady came in she picked them up and took them to her seat. Nobody wanted to go ask her for them back so Chris had to do it. I would have loved to have seen that. We are not sure why she took them and I guess we will never know!

Needless to say we had a wonderful Easter!!!! We wish that the rest of our family could have been here to join us.

Photos - Elevation Church Easter service -

Photos from our Easter service at Elevation Church.

Photos - Elevation Church Easter service -

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Over 11,000 people, 18,000 donations and 700 salvations!!!!! Now that is an awesome Easter service!!! Glory to God!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt 2010

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We had so much fun today with our Easter egg hunt. I thought I would share my photo album. Today was the first day of Spring break for Jordan and Madison. They helped me so much with the little kids. I don't know what I would have done without them (probably not an Easter egg hunt!!!)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Elevation Church Will Hold Easter Services at Time Warner Arena | FOX Charlotte | Rising

Our internet has been down and I have not been able to blog for a few days! I could not wait to share this video of our pastor on Fox News. We are expecting about 10,000 people for the Easter service. The coolest part is everyone is being asked to bring a donation item with them! We are so excited to be part of such an amazing move of God!!!

Elevation Church Will Hold Easter Services at Time Warner Arena FOX Charlotte Rising