Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dress Shopping

Madison and I went dress shopping today. I told her that she needed to wear a dress to Spencer's graduation, she of course said "I would rather die" Elizabeth made a deal with her that if she gets to come she will wear a dress if Madison will. I am still not sure if Elizabeth is going to be able to come but we are praying about it and hopefully her grandmother will let her. Well, anyway Madison has a dress now and it is really cute. She knew exactly what she wanted but we did not find it until she had tried on every other extra small dress in the store. It was quite an experience I hope that some day when she gets married and we go dress shopping it will be just as much fun :) Madison's dress is the one on the bottom. The picture does not really do it justice. It has little tiny black polka dots on it a some black lace that comes out of the bottom. It is actually very pretty. Madison did inform me that when she is done with it she is going to get a mannequin and put it in her room to wear the dress. I am hoping that she will decide she likes it and want to wear it again.... wishful thinking I guess.
The dress in the top picture is a dress I found at the Goodwill. I was so excited it is from one of my favorite stores "White House Black Market". I know it probably had to have cost at least $150 new but I got it for $4.99..... I love the Goodwill!!!!!

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  1. I love bargain stores and the Goodwill stores and wish we had one closer to home.