Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Chocolate Covered Strawberry French Toast

Just wanted to share the pictures of our breakfast. After having the stuffed french toast for Mother's day I wanted to make it myself. I guess to try and see if I could do it better. It seems like everything always tastes better at home. But I will have to say that "Toast" was pretty close. I used french bread instead of Texas toast which I think makes a big difference. I also cut a slit in the french bread and stuffed it with a mixture of cream cheese, strawberry preserves and mini chocolate chips. I then topped it with fresh strawberries and a little bit of whipped cream.
Toast puts a layer between two pieces of bread and did not use fresh strawberries. I also added chocolate chips to it for a little bonus! Plus I think the name sounds a little more inviting...... Stuffed Strawberry French Toast versus Chocolate Covered Strawberry French Toast or maybe I should call it Strawberries and Cream French Toast hmmmmm............

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